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What makes your On Campus school different?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) believes in a multi-age approach to learning. We encourage students to work independently, utilising a teacher in a facilitator role. We have created a flexible workspace to foster and encourage a collaborative learning environment.

2022 Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I follow my own program?

All enrolled families are required to meet the compulsory elements of the Pinnacle Academic College Core Subject Material as per the Australian Curriculum. After that, you are free to add on any elements you wish.

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Will you supply curriculum if I need it?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) supplies a book list to purchase your texts at the educational book store of your choice.

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Do we have to complete a textbook based program at Pinnacle Academic College?

No. Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) staff will discuss each student with you individually and the PAC program will be modified to suit the student and all individual adjustments made will be noted on the Individual Learning Pathway (ILP).

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Yes. We begin each year with an Orientation Day sausage sizzle to welcome all our families and to get to know new families, students and staff.

What is your homework policy?

At Pinnacle Academic College (PAC), our on-campus students will not be set homework. All required work will be completed during school hours. If students choose to complete work at home, that is their choice but is not mandated by PAC.

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Do I need to stick to the traditional school terms?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) on campus will run according to the traditional school terms with relevant pupil free days. PAC Distance Education will have all due dates within traditional school terms, and Performing Arts (PA) Days will happen within school terms. However, what you choose to do as a family in terms of when you do the required school work is up to you, as long as all compulsory commitments are met.

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Do teachers at Pinnacle Academic College conduct home visits?

No. However, families need to attend the Performing Arts (PA) Days regularly. Twice each term is compulsory if you live between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Families outside this geographical area will have a regular teacher check-in via Zoom Link.

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Do you have an event to start the year?

What are the Performing Arts (PA) Days?

Once a week, at our Kallangur campus, Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) will conduct full-day extracurricular/co-curricular activities for Distance Education (DE) students. On these days the subject areas of The Arts and Languages will be taught. PAC has performing arts instructors to assist the registered teachers in  Dance, Drama, Music and Auslan to ensure these subject areas within the PAC program are accessible to all. These are compulsory for families living between the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast to Stanthorpe TWICE PER TERM ONLY, but those who choose to attend weekly are most welcome.
On the weeks that families DO NOT attend the PA Days, the PAC Work Program has activities written in to cover The Arts and Auslan, so students can still engage in our extracurricular/co-curricular activities

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Can my child obtain a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) ?

Can my child access further education via Pinnacle Academic College?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) provides the opportunity for Senior Phase Students to gain a Tertiary Ranking for University Entrance by the end of year 12.

Do you offer an OP pathway?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) does not provide an OP pathway; however, we provide a Tertiary Ranking Pathway for access to future Tertiary Studies.

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Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) does not provide a QCE pathway; however, we ensure students have access to an appropriate Senior Secondary Pathway via the ability to gain a Tertiary Ranking for University entrance.

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Will I receive the Textbook Resource Allowance for my Secondary students?

Yes, Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) will pass this allowance on to all eligible students. As soon as PAC receives it, it will be transferred to eligible enrolled families.

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What are the extra costs when I enrol?

The enrolment fee covers all the costs for each enrolled student:
Performing Arts (PA) Days, 
Excursions (parents and unenrolled students will need to pay to attend but at a discounted rate) 
Special Events, 
Student Performances. 
Exclusions: any textbooks you purchase and private music lessons requested by families. 
Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) aims to provide a quality educational experience at an affordable cost.

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What are the fees?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) aims to be affordable for all families.
Fees are now confirmed for the School Year. Please see the Fee Schedule page for all the details. 

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What sort of excursions do you provide?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) provides one large excursion and various smaller incursions (on campus for all interested students) each term for those who choose to participate. Costs for these excursions/incursions for enrolled students are covered by fees and government funding. Excursions to theme parks etc, always include an educational talk/experience. Examples of Excursions could include: Australia Zoo, Sea World, Outback Spectacular etc. Examples of Incursions could include: Robotics Workshops, Visual Art Workshops, Living History Australia Presentation etc. All these experiences will enhance the Distance Education (DE) or On-Campus program students are involved in.

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Is Pinnacle Academic College a religious school?

No. Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) is a non-religious, independent school. Our educational program is based around the Australian Curriculum, which has no Religious Content in years P-10. If families choose to teach religion as part of their home program, that is their right and their choice. PAC places a high priority on Values, Ethics, Respect, and Character in all it stands for. It is an inclusive environment.

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Do you offer private music lessons?

Yes. Within the Performing Arts (PA) Day program, there is room for individual lessons for those interested at extra cost.

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Do I need to create my own assessment tasks for my students?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) supplies all the compulsory assessment tasks (PAC SATs).

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What are the advantages to enrolling with Pinnacle Academic College in comparison to the Home Education Unit (HEU)?

  • At Pinnacle Academic College (PAC), your student will attract government funding which we use to provide educational opportunities (excursions, incursions, performing arts classes) at no extra cost to you.

  • At Pinnacle Academic College (PAC), you as the parent will be valued as an important element in your student's education.

  • At Pinnacle Academic College (PAC), we devise the individual learning program for your student, with your input to ensure relevancy.

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Yes, if you are enrolled as a Distance Education (DE) family. You will receive a confirmation of enrolment via email, which you send to the relevant department.

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At Pinnacle Academic College (PAC), teachers are available on an appointment basis to discuss issues with you over the phone three days a week or at Performing Arts (PA) Days once a week. At PAC, staff aim to encourage and acknowledge you as the main facilitator of your child’s education.

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Is parent training required to be a Distance Education (DE) parent?

Do I have to be available to supervise my student if we are enrolled in Pinnacle Academic College as a Distance Education Family?

Yes. A Distance Education (DE) enrolment requires a supervising adult to be with the child when course work is being completed and at the Performing Arts (PA) Days. Alternatively, look at our on campus option where students are supervised by Registered Teachers whilst they are on campus. Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) is about choice for your family’s educational needs.

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How will Pinnacle Academic College ensure attendance according to legislation?

Can I apply for Newstart exemption or AIC (Assistance for Isolated Children) payments if I enrol with Pinnacle Academic College?

What assistance will I receive as a parent if I enrol my children in Pinnacle Academic College?

No. Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) believes every parent has the skills required to educate their own child. However at the Performing Arts (PA) Days  experienced Distance Education (DE) parents will run informal parent workshops for anyone who has questions or needs support.


Distance Education (DE) families are required to send in Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) attendance logs on set dates provided in the whole school calendar; if there are any absences, it needs to be dated and explained on the log.
On-campus students will be marked absent or in attendance each day; if there are any absences, a note from a parent is required.
PAC will follow up with all unexplained absences for both DE and On-Campus Students.

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Do you have an Open Day?

Yes, at the end of each year, Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) will have an open day for parents and students to experience a typical Performing Arts (PA) Day. Parents will have opportunities to meet with staff, listen to a short presentation on the College and ask any questions.

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Yes. Every year Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) has an end of year Dinner/Dance for Senior Phase families. Graduates will have the opportunity to give a speech, as will their parents. The event is a night of celebration for the whole family.

Is there a school uniform?

Pinnacle Academic College (PAC) will have available for purchase Polo Shirts for On-Campus students and for any Distance Education (DE) student that wishes to purchase them; they are not compulsory for DE students. In addition, students must wear sun-safe clothing (including a hat) and covered in shoes to all PAC events: On Campus, Performing Arts (PA) Days and excursions.
Sun Safe means: covering from the neck to the knees to the elbows to provide maximum coverage for sun safety. All PAC students will be required to wear a hat for all outside activities or sit in the shade if they do not have a hat.

Do you have a Senior Formal?

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Compulsory assessments require original, correctly labelled work, therefore will be collected on Performing Arts (PA) days or by post. The education program includes the deadline dates for compulsory assessment tasks (PAC SATs) as well as any other relevant deadlines. Non compulsory/ by choice assessments can be uploaded to the Pinnacle Academic College dropbox.

How is completed work sent to Pinnacle Academic College?