Fee Schedule

The following Fee Schedule is current as of October 2021 for the 2022 School Year. Fees will be reviewed each year by the College Board

Application & Establishment Fee
When an Enrolment Enquiry is made for your child/ren at Pinnacle Academic College, parents/guardians/carers are required to sign a Pre Enrolment Application and to pay a

NON-REFUNDABLE Family Establishment Fee, which holds the place for your child/ren pending the College’s final enrolment decision.
This fee is $200 per family. If you have more than one child and wish to enrol them at the same time, the family application fee remains at $200.
This fee covers administration costs in processing the application/s.

This is a ONCE ONLY NON-REFUNDABLE Fee paid when the initial Enrolment Enquiry occurs.

Enrolment Agreement
When an offer of placement is confirmed for your child/ren at Pinnacle Academic College, parents/guardians/carers are required to complete and sign an Enrolment Form for the family and pay the required NON-REFUNDABLE College Fees as set out below.
Once College Fees have been paid in FULL a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter will be sent to the family detailing all the enrolled students within the family and their year levels if requested.


Textbook Costs
Pinnacle Academic College has set textbooks for On-Campus and Distance Education families specific to the work program for each year level. The purchase and costs of all textbooks for On-Campus and Distance Education students is the responsibility of the parents/guardians/carers.


Textbook & Resource Allowance Rebate
The Queensland Education Department provides a small rebate payable to parents to contribute towards the costs of textbooks and learning resources. This allowance is available to QLD SECONDARY students only.
The allowance will be paid forward to parents of enrolled Secondary students who are enrolled by the date that this Rebate is determined by the Queensland Education Department.
Pinnacle Academic College will contact parents to communicate the payment date and to ensure Pinnacle Academic College has the correct details for payment to the family.

Performing Arts Day (PA Days)

PA days are usually held every Thursday from week 2-8 each term. Attendance is mandatory for a minimum of 2 days PER TERM for all students. These days will also be available by Zoom for families that are unable to attend on campus. These PA days are subject to change. Distance Education parents are expected to be in attendance every time their child attends unless they are enrolled with the DEPA option.

Excursion Package

If you wish for your child to attend PAC excursions, there is a set $100 fee per child per term; This allows your child to attend all PAC excursions for the term without any extra cost. If you don’t get this package, all excursions will be charged at cost price throughout the year. Please let the College know if you wish to add on this excursion package and it will be invoiced to you at the end of each prior term.