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We believe in using a variety of approaches:

  • keeping the on-campus student numbers small,

  • ensuring small class sizes,

  • working in Multi-Age Class Groups,

  • using integrated teaching techniques across Learning Areas,

  • following an outcomes-based education philosophy (OBE),

  • fostering problem-solving,

  • encouraging independent studies,

  • integrating the educational models and theories of Tyler, Glasser and Bloom and others into designing teaching and learning programs,

  • creating an open dialogue between student and teacher,

  • encouraging collaborative learning,

  • catering to the individual difference and diversity of all students,

  • educating students beyond the confines of a traditional educational delivery,

  • creating individualized programs that will benchmark each student’s endeavours against the Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions and Achievement Standards and 

  • Collaborative use of electronic technology in the learning environment

Implementation: Academics
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