I cannot recommend Pinnacle Academic College highly enough! I realise the school has just been newly accredited, but the experience I have had with the Principal and teachers in the past has been only the best. 


We were very new to home education when we started our journey with the Principal Michelle 7 years ago, and she and her team could not have been more helpful and reassuring! I have no doubt their high-quality teaching principles will be in place at Pinnacle, and I look forward to enrolling our children with this school.


“My daughter loves it so much.


I have to say fabulous program and wonderful teacher who keep them happily engaged.


I enjoyed watching her and the other children preform.


Well done!



I have had experience with the people leading and running PAC and can speak confidently when I say I have no hesitation to recommend this school.


The teachers/staff understand educating in the home and provide support and understanding to students and families alike.


The focus on the arts and well-rounded subject areas makes it appealing and an excellent fit for all. The community support and experienced leadership are things I am most looking forward to about this school.


As a long-term home educating family, we cannot wait to start attending Pinnacle Academic College.