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Student Artwork. 

How talented are

our students! 


We are all unique in our own way, it’s okay to express yourself how you want to, and don’t worry about what others think.


The piece follows the story of a group of people who are stuck in an exhausting repetitive cycle. Every single day they wear the exact same outfit as one another, they act the same and they all follow the same mundane routine. That is until they discover a colourful piece of clothing. What will people think if I wear this? Everyone is going to judge me! But I love how I feel when I get to wear this! A journey of self-discovery will reveal that we can all be lots of things but at the end of the day we are our own unique personalities and that is all that we ever have to be.

We are so incredibly proud of what our students have accomplished for Wakakirri 2022. This is what PAC is all about. Individual expression and beautiful performances!

2020 - 2021 Annual School Report


Our first sports day was a huge success! 
Our students got to meet the inspiring Australian Paralympian, Jacob Templeton. They then participated in an awesome sports program run by Queensland Indigenous Football that built great teamwork and communication skills, all while having fun!


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